Test Mailchimp Newsletter Integration

Test Mailchimp Newsletter Integration

All you need to do is create a post and assign the ‘Newsletter’ category. The newsletter will automatically be sent the following morning at 7am.

There will be a link at the bottom of the email for recipients to view the original version with images, directly on your website.

It is also likely that you may want to include upcoming events into the newsletter.

The easiest way is to just type them out. Alternately you can use an events shortcode to automatically display a certain number of events or events for different categories.

Here’s an example:

This will show a list of the 3 latest events. The style should be left as ‘native’. cat=’126′ means that it will show only events from the category with the ID of 126, this is the Music Events category.

To see event categories hover: Events in the Admin sidebar. Then click ‘Category’ NOT ‘Categories’. This will show a list of the current categories available.

When looking at the list there is a column “CatID” . That column as the number of the category to use like this:

OR, omit the cat=” part to just show all events like this:

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