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About – Alfred Eames Cellars

Come sip Award Winning wine and relax …

Alfred Eames was voted Vintner of the Year, by the Colorado Wine Journal in July of 2023.  Alfred Eames Cellars received the distinguished Double Gold at the Governors Cup in September of 2023.  Both of these awards are amazing achievements. Zenzen Gardens proudly serves wines from only Alfred Eames Cellars.

Two beautiful creations have come together to offer you a magical experience. Zenzen Gardens has paired up with Alfred Eames Cellars bringing their famous wine to our stunning farm and the North Fork Valley. Proud is beyond the feeling to have this opportunity for the public to taste Eames’s creations at the official tasting room at Zenzen Gardens.

The man, the winemaker, Alfred Eames …

The creative mastermind behind the wine, is Alfred Eames. As a young 17-year-old he traveled to Rioja region of Spain, in 1964. Over 9 months, he learned about wine, how to pick the best grapes, the process, fermentation and bottling. Eames experimented making wines and offered it to the public in 1994. He was one of the first vineyards in the valley. The time spent at the vineyard in Spain inspired him and his incredible selections of old-world style wines.

The vineyard and cellar …

In 1990, The vineyard, Puesta del Sol, “sunset” in Spanish, was planted with Pinot Noir vines. Alfred Eames Cellars is only 4 miles from Zenzen Gardens. The vineyards at 6000 feet in elevation tend to be few and yet have great character. The vineyard and underground cellars are family operated by Eames, his son, Devin and his beautiful wife, Pam. Eames creates his wine with an open vat fermentation process. The beautiful arched cellars were designed by Eames in the traditional Spanish influence with arched ceilings and are filled with French and Hungarian barrels oak barrels where the wine is aged for a minimum of one year to perfection. The wine is ufined and unfiltered. The vineyard is located four miles from Zenzen Gardens.

Wine and labels of love …

The labels were designed by his good friend Wilkie Studio, also help to tell Eames’s story. The Tempranillo label is extra special as it was presented to Eames by Wilkie. Eames fell in love with the label as he remembers a beautiful Spanish woman that the labeled resembled. Going forward the labels were based off that first piece of art and took on the feeling of love “amore” and a contemporary sensual feeling. Tempranillo, Sangre del Sol, Noche, and Vino Tinto all come from the Spanish Wineries that Eames visited as a young man and are reflected in his loves for his wines.
Alfred Eames is proud to present six varietal wines and four blends, which are sold in restaurants and liquor stores across Colorado and the United States.